Sunday, 22 May 2011

oneDAY perhapps

When i grow up...i wants to be a "PHOTOGRAPHER" as my partime job
sometimes, i like to a modelling...hua3x..disgusting!!!eeyuuwww....
do i suit to be a model???
hahaha...forget bout it..just when i mind like to think that nonsense thing such that!!wow..!!
mybe to be a photographer is somthing like stylo i rght???
but i dont think tht so...
i just like to snap something that i think special 4 my life that i want to share it with u all outside!!
from tht snap...i think i can remove all "shit" from my heart...
i finish my study first..then i want to buy this kind of "CAMERA"

hot tak????
haaaaaaaaaa.....ssslllrrrrrrrpppppppp!!!***telan air liuq***
mybe kalau ad yg latest punye dr yg ni...msti la kite amek yg latest punye kan..hehehehe...
wooppsss....sometimes i like to use "BAHASA ROJAK"
dont mind kan???

ikhlas dari peacock

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