Thursday, 1 November 2012

That Girl..make me think so long!

shouldn't or should i worried the presence of that annoyed women in my relationship?

i think i should have that feeling!
i should have..even though, i know that he do love me
but this kind of women i didn't trusted!
don't u know that?this girl can treat him!
she can seduce men in any way whatsoever..oh please
after what she done...after what i`ve been stalk her..she's like a snake! that can propagates in dead silent!
In the rough view, she's look like a princes!looks like a beautiful, and anyone who see her will be interested with her! 
why am i too afraid of ?why?why?
even she already have boyfriend....but "perempuan kan" mana pernah cukup satu
moreover the kind of "itchy ass" hah! lagi lahh!! (bring plenty of patience .. pray)
every night....every second...every moment..i've been thinking of this "stinking women"
i hope she will read my blog..oh please..and if you read pleasure...haaaa...
"tak payah baca pun takpe sbb nnti..urmm"
i know...that am not too kind of this...but i love my relationship with him...and i don't want anybody that cruel to destroyed my relationship.
i hope that he will be my last guy..and will be my husband..and also will be my "imam" one day
I've been take a long time to accept all of this ...#sigh :(
 But I believe, there is nothing to worry if everything is in a situation in their life! insyaAllah #chill
(oh my English)
sorry of there any grammar mistake...its more on "rojak" actually okay

tulus ikhlas coretan dari hati saya

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